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Quick Setup Guide

Step 1:      Press and Hold the button to power on the
Bluetooth adapter

Step 2:     Wait for the LED light to flash BLUE, your adapter is now in
pairing mode

Step 3:     Go to “Settings” on your device (Smartphone, Tablet etc.)
and enable Bluetooth

Step 4:     Scan for device and select “BT-QC25” from the device list


••• When pairing is successful, the LED light will illuminate in Green

••• To re-pair Bluetooth with your device, hold down the button
until it flashes BLUE and then follow Step 3 and Step 4 to
complete the re-pairing process

••• Press button to increase your music volume

••• Press button to lower your music volume

••• Press and Hold the button to play the next song

••• Press and Hold the button to play the previous song

••• Press button to Play/Pause/Answer

••• Press and Hold the to decline an incoming call

••• Quick press of the to activate “Siri” while it paired with
your phone

••• Double-Click the button to redial the last number called

••• To charge your Bluetooth adapter, plug the 3.5mm audio
connector into the USB Charging cable

••• Your Bluetooth adapter will illuminate in SOLID RED when in
charging mode

••• Full charge takes approximately 60-90 minutes

••• Your Bluetooth adapter will illuminate in SOLID GREEN when
charging is completed

••• You will hear a beeping sound when the Bluetooth is low
on battery (30%)

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