Swap in Your Old Cord for The Seamless Bolle&Raven replacement

The Bolle&Raven Adapter is a custom designed Bluetooth upgrade for Bose QC25 headphones with no compromises. Ultra-light and crafted to seamlessly fit the contours of the QC25 earcups, Bolle&Raven maintains the Bose esthetic while preserving 100% sound quality.

A wise investment

Don’t spend a small fortune on a new pair of high-end Bluetooth headphones when your QC25’s are in perfect order. Simply plug in the Bolle&Raven Adapter and enjoy all your favorite media at one sixth the price!

A suit of seamless features

The Adapter is designed to meet every feature requirement expected from a top shelf Bluetooth headphone set with seamless integration.

Extended Battery Life

The Bolle&Raven Adapter offers extended battery life of up to 8 hours of consecutive use and 150 hours of standby time!

Fast Charge

The rapid charging ability goes from empty to fully charged in less than 1.5 hours!

Advanced Bluetooth Chip

Equipped with a BT V4.1 Bluetooth Receiver, provides up to 30 ft. of range from audio source.

Ergonomic Commands

All command buttons are intuitively placed including play/pause, power, and volume control.

Wireless Adapter from Bolle & Raven

The Bolle&Raven Adapter is a flagship product from the gadget junkies. At Bolle & Raven Our obsessive engineers and relentless designers sample hundreds of products with an eye for improvement and innovation. The Bolle&Raven Adapter was developed from inception to market with the TLC of all our B&R development teams contributing business skill, tech-savvy and industry know-how.
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